Sunday Sermon Series for Lent

Conquering Half-Truths

As we continue to CONNECT * GROW * BRIDGE at Concordia, join us on Sundays during Lent.  All through the Lenten Journey toward the cross,
Jesus is confronted either directly or indirectly by
Satan's half-truths.  We are still confronted by Satan's half-truths today
as he seeks to bring deception into our lives, our community and our relationships.


half-truth (n) 1. A statement that mingles truth and falsehood with a deliberate intent to deceive.


March 5:  "The Bible is a practical guide book for our Lives"


March 12: "We're all God's children"


March 19: "I'm basically a good person (as good as the next person)"


March 26: "As long as I don't HURT anyone else, I can do..."


April 2: "When we die our soul is with Jesus"