Sunday Sermon Series for Lent

 """"The Cost of Love... 

Join us for the six-week journey of  Lent as we look at what God’s love towards us cost Him, and in turn, what His love now cost us as we serve with our hearts, hands and voices.  The Lenten journey begins with Ash Wednesday, February 13.  Our Sunday morning sermon series will walk through The Cost of Love, beginning with The Cost of…Location on February 17.  Our Wednesday worship services will look at the Body of Christ, his feet, hands, heart, eyes, ears and mouth, each week on Wednesdays.  

Feb. 17: The cost of… Love's Location 

 Luke 4:1-13   (Pastor Weaver)
-We praise a God who came to dwell among us in His Son Christ Jesus.  Have you ever thought about what that cost Him?  What is your God-given location to now serve Him and proclaim the good news of salvation in Christ?

Feb. 24: The cost of… Tough Love

 Luke 13:31-35  (Pastor Schudde)
-Our God is one of unending patience.  But, is there a time to show some tough love?  Has God shown us tough love? 

March 3: The cost of… Turning away

Luke 13:1-9  (Pastor Weaver)
-We’re called to a life of repentance and forgiveness.  But, what’s holding you back from turning away from the things of this world to the love of God?

March 10: The cost of…Unbound Love 

Luke 15:11-32  (Pastor Schudde)
-Praise the Lord for His steadfast love, His love that never ends, a love that is truly unbound.  What are the boundaries that you have tried to put on His love now pouring through you?

March 17: The cost of…Transforming Love 

Luke 20:9-20  (Pastor Weaver)
-Change is certainly never easy.  Christ experienced change during His life leading to the Cross.  He experienced transformation.  Now we have too in Him.  How is that transformation going for you?

March 24: The cost of…Life and Limb 

Luke 19:28-40 (Pastor Schudde)
-Our redemption was bought with a price, the death of our Savior.  Even on this day of celebration as we rejoice in Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, we keep our eyes turned to the Cross, the cost of life and limb.

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