Results of Vote for Pastor of Family Life

(February 26, 2012 )

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Call Committee for the Pastor of Family Life position at Concordia is pleased to announce the results of the vote taken today during each of the worship services. The vote was to select on of the following options.

(1) The voters of Concordia Lutheran church have elected to call a candidate from Concordia Seminary St. Louis, restricted to the three candidates previously submitted for consideration.


(2)  Not Submit a Call for a Seminary Graduate.

The congregation voted overwhelmingly in favor of the first option which is to extend a call to a candidate from Concordia Seminary.

We now ask for your continued prayers that the Holy Spirit guide Concordia through the final call process and that we are truly united as “one heart.”

Yours in Christ,
Sidney Halma, Call Committee Chair
A. Mark Schudde, Senior Pastor